Design your work space just the way you like it.

If you frequently work from home and are looking for a work place for private correspondance or are studying, you will be pleased with a relaxed environment for tough tasks. Furniture for an office must be functional and work with the interiors of the home.  

now! time offers an elegant solution: Stylish tables and matching mobile containers form the heart of the work space. Further units from the now! time range can be added to the combination. Lacquer, wood and metal perfectly complement each other. Desk combinations can be configured using side panel and stainless steel units, corner solutions are available upon request. Enjoy working! 

Now! Time Wohnwand mit Schreibtischelement in Natureiche
Now! Time in Wohnwand integrierter Schreibtisch in Natureiche
Now! Time integrierter Schreibtisch mit versteckter Steckerleiste
Now! Time Eckschreibtisch in Kernnussbaum und schwarzes Regal
Now! Time Eckschreibtisch in Kernnussbaum mit Wange + Rollcontainer
Now! Time Schlaf- + Arbeitszimmer in Natureiche und weiß
Now! Time Rollcontainer in Kernnussbaum
Now! Time Schreibtisch in Kernnussbaum mit Edelstahl- Gestell
Now! Time Schreibtisch mit Wangen in Kernnussbaum
Now! Time Eckschreibtisch mit Wange und Gestell in Kernnussbaum
Now! Time Drehstuhl Bezug aus schwarzem Kunstleder

Work in tidy surroundings: If you have paperwork to do at home, you will enjoy an inviting, calm space that ensures structured thinking. now! time has got something for you.



In today's laptop era, living and working go hand in hand.

Elegant combinations are the speciality of now! vision – for instance: Work and fun. A generously sized space in the office is motivating. For the desk and ancillary units, we have combined invitingly warm wood with glossy metal. Mobile containers offer ample storage for documents.

If you require additional storage space, simply place further modular units from now! vision around the desk. The shelving system is ideal for offices. Lacquer, high-gloss lacquer, natural oak and core walnut provide a nice work atmosphere.

now! Vision by hulsta desk in natural oak, black shelf with blue accents
now! Vision by hulsta mobile container in core walnut
now! Vision desk in core walnut with substructure
now! Vision desk with side panels in core walnut
now! Vision by hulsta corner desk with side panels in core walnut and substructure

The work space offers plenty of room for thinking and storage space for items that should be locked away, whilst the living area provides a light and airy feel.