CUELLO - Eine Stilikone unter den Lounge-Chairs.

Der ausgefallene Lounge-Chair ist nicht nur ein optisches Highlight. Mit seinem aufstellbaren Kragen ist er ein wahrer Wandlungskünstler, der jederzeit genau das bietet, was gerade benötigt wird. Als Begleiter im Alltag ist er in kommunikativen Situationen niedrig, offen und passt sich seiner Umgebung an; ist der „Kragen“ aufgestellt, bietet er hingegen Schutz, Ruhe und Gemütlichkeit. Die versteckte Drehfunktion im Fuß unterstützt zudem die Positionsfreiheit.

Ein passender Hocker bietet unter dem Polster zusätzlichen Stauraum. „CUELLO ist ein echter Hingucker und hat einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert“, so Ballendat.

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Plain and simple takeaway

It could not be easier: Either you plan first or you only decide during the installation what you want to do with now! to go. Using open and closed units, in pure white high-gloss lacquer or slate grey with natural oak, you can create and invent different combinations. 1001 possibilities to invent new furniture! Need another modular unit? Simply order one or two more.

What would you like, snow white with a pure white high-gloss front or slate grey with genuine natural oak? You can plan everything down to the last detail or only decide during the installation (which could not be easier thanks to the drilling template), whether a unit should be fitted vertically or horizontally, with flap or hinged door, opening on the top, bottom, right or left.

The units are available in matt white with high-gloss white or natural oak fronts and slate grey carcases.

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The now! easy modular unit system makes everything imaginable  possible.

These multi-talented system units are simple yet clever – sideboards and media units, night consoles and wall-mounted units, eye-catching and functional all at the same time. now! easy modular units can be flexibly arranged, using the living room configurator or simply your own instinct. Plan your interior design all at once or complement it gradually.

Combinations with pure white elements are enhanced by splashes of colour: Accents in light grey or natural oak, fronts in sand, teal blue, lemon, old rose, pastel green, terracotta or core walnut.

now! Easy Wohnwand in weiß, Akzente in Kernnussbaum + offene Fächer
Weißes Sidebord und Magnetwand mit blauem und gelbem Magnetkasten, beleuchtet
now! Easy Schlafzimmer in weiß mit Schreibtisch und Magentwand
now! Easy Wohnwand in weiß, Akzente in Natureiche
now! Easy Module, Baukasten, Regal, Vitrine, Hängeelemente und weitere
now! Easy Wohnwand in weiß mit offenen Hängeregalen
now! Easy Schlaf- + Wohnzimmer mit Hänge-Designboxen in verschiedenen Farben
Weiße now! Easy Wohnwand, Akzent in taubenblau + Kleiderschrankmodul
now! Easy Wohnwand und Tisch in weiß, offene Fächer in hellgrau
Now! Easy Wohnwand mit gelber und blauer Front der Regalmodule
Now! Easy Baukasten in weiß mit weißem Gestell
now! Easy Wohnwand in weiß, offene Fächer in Naturreiche
Now! Easy Wohnwand in weiß, Akzente in Natureiche

now! easy allows you to simply combine pure white modular units with accents in lacquer and wood in order to achieve the look your want for you living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway, bathroom or kitchen.


Now! Vision Wohnwand in Hochglanz-grau mit offenen Fächern
Now! Vision Wohnwand in Hochglanz-grau, Regalelement in blau
ow! Vision Wohwand in weiß und Kernnussbaum + beleuchteter Vitrine

Design flexibility from sideboard to media units: The choice of now! vision surfaces ranges from lacquer  and high-gloss lacquer to accent finishes  in petrol, teal blue and old rose to high-quality core walnut and natural oak veneers.

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now! vision perfectly combines a clear line with with surprising flexibility.

This system range for living rooms has many charmingly unconventional features: It allows you to create original or classic designs. A flexible shelving system that can be complemented with open and closed units plus modular units, sideboards and lowboards. A work station with a stylish desk makes now! vision the complete package.

With fronts in high-gloss lacquer, the furniture system looks very impressive, elegant lacquer offers a relaxed feel, colour accents and genuine wood veneer add a sense of extravagance and fun.


Classic and pop at the touch of a button.

now! no.14 has many faces: This clean-line system range offers plenty of ideas for different living areas. Lacquer and high-gloss lacquer, grey and white walnut and oak can be perfectly combined with one another and with the typical now!. no. 14 glass units.

The coffee table is changeable, the lowboard turns into a media unit, the sideboard into an extravagant glass cabinet, which and also provide ambient lighting that ranges from subtle to colourful.

Now! No.14 Wohnwand in weiß und Natureiche + Couchtisch
Now! No.14 Wohnwand in weiß, Wandsteckbord in grau
Now! No.14 Lowbord in Kernnussbaum mit Glashaube + weißer Hängebaukasten
Now! No.14 Sidebord + Wandsteckborde in weiß und Kernnussbaum
Now! No.14 Sidebord in weiß mit beleuchteter Glashaube
Now! No.14 Sidebord in weiß mit Leuchtboden in lila

During the day, now! no.14 is a solid designer range: classical, timeless, high-gloss – and very laid-back. Discreet shades, perfect craftsmanship. At night, light and colour can be optionally added at the touch of a button.  The glass cabinet can feature white or coloured lighting.



So much room for your ideas

now! time is available in pure lacquer and high-gloss lacquer – or combined with warm wood: Natural oak and core walnut. The characteristic "C"-shape of doors with glass sections for highboard, lowboard and sideboard makes the design unmistakeable.

The side panel systems is truly flexible: It allows you to design your individual living room combination, using open shelving and/or closed units with ample storage. Whilst the design of the furniture is highly flexible, its quality is always ensured.

Now! Time Wohnwand mit offenen Fächern + Vitrine in Natureiche und Seidengrau
Now! Time Wohnwand in Natureiche, Fronten in Seidengrau
Now! Time Sidebord in Kernnussbaum, Türen in Lack-sand
Now! Time Wohnwand in Natureiche und Hochglanz-grau + beleuchtete Vitrine
Now! Time Wohnwand in Natureiche, Fronten in weiß + Vitrine
Now! Time Wohnwand in Natureiche, Akzente in Hochglanz-grau
Now! Time Wohnwand in Lack-grau, Glastüren, offene Fächer in Kernnussbaum
Now! Time Wohnwand in Kernnussbaum, Vitrine in Seidengrau
Now! Time Wohnwand in Kernnussbaum, Fronten in Hochglanz-weiß
Now! Time Wohnwand in Kernnussbaum, Schiebetür in Hochglanz-weiß

From a cool coffee table to high-gloss lacquer living room and shelving system to complete youth room: If you want your furniture flexible and stylish, now! time will be the perfect choice.




They make sitting on the sofa simply perfect.

Your coffee table is so much more than somewhere to leave your mobile phone, drink and remote control. Glass coffee table, wooden side table, coffee table featuring a mix of materials, side table with metal frame and lacquer in many colours - what would you like? 

now! offers a coffee table with an insert that you can grow plants in, a coffee table with an adjustable glass bonnett, round side tables featuring a wooden frame that make the perfect accessory. Whatever you are looking for, there is a good chance that you will find the coffee table of your dreams.

Now! Coffee table Modul in grau, Tischplatte in Natureiche aus now! spin
Beistelltisch CT17 in Lack-petrol und Holz, Tisch CT71 in weiß und grau
Couchtisch CT14 in Natureiche und Lack-weiß
Couchtisch CT18 in weiß mit Glasplatte und schwenkbarer Schublade
Beistelltisch CT17 1x mit Schublade, 1x in unterschiedlichen Höhen
now! Spin Wohnzimmer in Natureiche und weiß

A coffee table is a coffee table? Far from that! We very much enjoyed integrating surprises, such as the coffee table that you can grow plants int. Walnut, oak, lacquer and glass combine just as well as shape and functionality


When it shines, your garden glows: now! moon birdy.

now! moon birdy is a seat, a work of art and a lamp – all in one. And sturdy enough to survive the winter instead of migrating south. If you like a bit of colour, you can fi t out a whole fl ock of them with coloured bulbs.

Yellow glowing moon birdy in a garden
Blue glowing moon birdy in a garden
Firebirds in red, green, blue and purple from now! By hulsta
Yellow glowing moonbirdys from now! By hulsta
Yellow glowing moonbirdys from now! By hulsta
Glowing moon birdys from now! By hulsta in yellow, red, green, blue

This curious bird is the highlight of any barbecue and a romantic companion on those balmy summer evenings. In winter it will warm your heart when you glance out of the window.


There is nothing better.

Pouffe! The light, mobile pouffe in the shape of a bird is always flying by, when you want to put your feet up, or when you want to offer your visitors a comfortable seat. This flexible bird can be used as a practical stool and a decorative designer object. birdy is not only versatile in any living area, it is also a style statement.  

Availalbe in 10 colour versions, ranging from subtle to colourful, this unusual seat and designer piece perfectly matches any interior design style whilst being incredibly comfortable...

Now! Birdy aus Stoff in grau-violett
Now! Birdy aus Stoff in beige von hülsta
Now! Birdy by hülsta aus grau-blauen Stoff
Now! Birdy by hülsta aus Stoff in honiggelb
Now! Birdy by hülsta aus Stoff in koralle
Now! Birdy by hülsta in hellblauen Stoff
Now! Birdy by hülsta aus Stoff in kornblumenblau
Now! Birdy by hülsta aus Stoff in eisblau
Now! Birdy by hülsta in grasgrünem Stoff
Now! Birdy by hülsta in grasgrünem Stoff seitlich

"Birdy is always there, when you come home, and waits for you to put your feet up after a busy day. Birdy is independent and multifunctional." (Designer Pascal Bosetti)

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