Fairytale furniture for little ones.

Once upon a time … there was a small minimo. Charming baby furniture lovingly converts a children’s room into a magical world: As a cot growing into a junior bed, it welcomes to a good night and ensures sheltered sleep.

The matching cupboards and shelves are cute yet practical helpers, which store all of the baby stuff. Everything in now! minimo is gentle: rounded shapes, friendly colours and functionality that provides comfort and safety such as hülsta SoftFlow and MagicClose.

Now! Minimo Babyzimmer in weiß und hellblau mit Knopfaugen
Now! Minimo Babyzimmer in weiß mit Knopfaugen und Zähnchen
Now! Minimo Babybett in weiß mit Schlupfsprossen, höhenverstellbar
Now! Minimo Bett mit herausnehmbaren Schlupfsprossen zum Umbau
Now! Minimo Wickelaufsatz in weiß, Auflage in weiß mit blauen Punkten
Now! Minimo Juniorbett in weiß, Kleiderschrank in weiß und rosa
Now! Minimo Kommode in weiß + blau + Unterstellregal

Parents and kids are fans of now! minimo: This fun range is practical and inpires the children's imagination as they grow up.

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