Good news for all those, who enjoy sleeping comfort and want to treat themselves to a little more luxury. A topper as an additional layer on the mattress makes your bed even softer and cosier. Not only for boxspring beds!

Visco topper

The visco-therm core in this topper reacts to the heat and weight of the person lying on it and allows the body to sink in deeper. The good pressure distribution and excellent shape recovery of the material ensure unlimited freedom of movement in any position.


The topper with the individual cuddle factor: The visco topper adapts to temperature and weight of the resting body. In any position, the body comfortably sinks in whilst being perfectly supported, for a wonderfully relaxed sleeping experience.

Cold foam

A noticeable plus in terms of comfort – topper with all functions of a hülsta mattress: individual pressure relief and effective ventilation for uninterrupted sleep.

cold foam

High-quality cold foam divided into several zones with a special cut technique and hülsta ventilationfunction provides correct support for the body and ensures a perfect sleeping climate. Particularlycomfortable, if you love a cosily warm sleep environment.

Partner topper

cold foam and / or visco

hülsta offers a choice of two partner topper versions. The continuous topper in double bed size without zip and the flexible alternative with zip. The special split zip in the head and foot area allows the partner topper to be split into different widths, so that it can also be used for motorised base frames.


Cold foam & visco

Cold foam